The Farmer Dan Difference

The Farmer Dan Philosophy - Keep it Real, Natural and Affordable!

My philosophy as an Australian Farmer is to produce a real and natural product which is grown in a humane and sustainable manner on our farm. This in turn leads to a healthy and affordable product for all Australian families.

We consider our breeding stock as our business partners and we do not cull, slaughter, process or on-sell them.... ever!! They remain on our farm and are fed and looked after until they pass on. Our family firmly believes that it would be wrong to send an animal to the sale yards and sold to be made into hamburgers after it has given us so much produce and so many years of loyal service. Remember its not always about the money!

"The way in which we produce our food today, will determine the future of our children."

                                                                                                                         - Farmer Dan

 Our Product

All the beef, lamb and pork products sold on our website are born, bred and reared on our own farm in Jack River South Gippsland, Wattle View Farm, or sourced young from other local farmers and finished on our farm. All animals sourced from other farms and grown on our farm, are all 100% free range and grass fed. This means exactly what it sounds like. We use no grain or added feed to feed our animals, just grass! 

Buying meat directly from the farm means you know exactly where your food comes from and how it's treated all the way from our paddock to your plate.

With ever increasing concerns regarding hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and genetic modification (GM), sourcing products direct from the farm is a growing preference for the consumer. When you know your farmer, you know you can trust the way your food is raised and prepared.

We guarantee NO hormones, NO grains, NO antibiotics and NO genetically modified feeds(GM) are ever used. All our products are completely natural, grass fed and free range, the way they should be. This is REAL food at it's best.